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Allied Healthcare – Paramedical Courses

  • General Duty Assistant (GDA)
  • Pharmacy Assistant (PA)
  • Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Radiology Technician (RT)
  • Dialysis Technician (DT)

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

  • Application of Laser in Treatment of Head and Neck Cancers
  • Oral Oncology
  • Robotics in Head & Neck Oncology Mechanical Ventilation
  • Robotics in GI
  • Robotics in Gynaecology

GHA Conferences

  • IEEE APSCON 2023
  • 6th ICEE IEEE 2022
  • Sogocon 2022
  • ARIS
  • GHCO 2021 (AU Series-II)

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GHPublishing is incorporated with a vision to be a Global Publisher with local presence where we connect, collaborate, network and grow with the knowledge ecosystem, be it students, academicians, researchers, universities, industries or research organisations.
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About Global Healthcare Academy (GHA)

Global Healthcare Academy (GHA) is India’s first Med-Ed Tech Academy. GHA has been instituted with a mission to develop Competent and Compassionate Human Resources for the Healthcare sector. GHA has adopted technology as an enabler in every learning process. Our core purpose is to bridge the skill & knowledge gap between formal education and the needs of the Healthcare Industry.


Our mission is to develop competent & compassionate human resources for the healthcare sector & promote innovative solutions & enterprises in the healthcare sector.


To become the world’s most sought-after Institute for basic allied & advanced healthcare education.

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Hello this is Doctor Vivek Shetty I'm a Head and Neck Surgeon from Narayana Health Hospital Bangalore. I thoroughly enjoyed the Robotics training session. Firstly we were introduced and were explained the various parts of the robots and showed us how each part works, how they are connected right from the basics, then showed how to use it on patients, how to connect the bots, how to plan the locations of the various arms, inserctions and also Console / Simulator training as well. This was followed by Q&A sessions where we had to answer the questions that we learnt and following that we did simulator session. The next day we observed an surgery done by Dr. Surender Dabas who is the number 1 robotics surgeon in India. So overall this 2 days were very useful and got us excited to start the program in our hospital and i'm really looking forward for it. Robotics is the technology of future and definitely encourage all the young consults to start using it and this course is a very very good introduction and step to the right direction. Thank You.

Dr. Vivek Shetty
Narayana Medical Center, Bangalore

Big thanks to Intuitive facility and Mrs. Neha from Global Healthcare Academy and all the faculty at HCG, Dr. Surender Dabas. So what i found very interesting in this training was that specially after Covid started we know that opportunities for most of us to travel to Korea to get an first hand experience on the simulator training or to get an insight on robotics training was very limited and this 2 days training definitely covers it all. I think the wet lab is one of the deficits here but i strongly recommend this course for anyone who has started robotics training. So all the very best and thanks a lot.

Dr. Vijay Pillai
Senior Project Manager

I really want to thank Global Healthcare Academy who have organized this wonderful course and workshop, i would also like to thank the intuitive people because the training that we received through the simulator / console and then by Dr. Dabas who did the Neck Dissection and the kind of neck dissection he has done with the robot is totally excellent and i really look forward to that and one day definitely will be a robotic surgeon and will be definitely will be taking home something good so thank you.

Dr. Atish Kundu
Rama Hospital & Research Institute, Kanpur

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